Discover the Zeus X Cabianca collaboration

Découvrez la collaboration Zeus X Cabianca - Zeus Surf

🌟⚡️ Zeus x Cabianca: The union of two ranges of boards for the ultimate surfing experience 🏄‍♀️🌊

In the world of surfing, some collaborations are simply magical. This is the case of the alliance between Zeus and Johnny Cabianca , which gave birth to an incredible range of surfboards. But did you know that there is not one, but two ranges of boards resulting from this collaboration? And that's not all ! In total, there are 8 shapes that have been designed to meet all styles of surfing and offer exceptional performance.

Discover the video of the Zeus collaboration

🌈 The Dolce range: versatility and accessibility

The Dolce range is a true invitation to softness and tranquility. Designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers, it offers a perfect combination of performance and accessibility . With versatile shapes, these boards will allow you to gain wisdom and peace of mind on the waves. Whether you are looking for performance or simply casual pleasure, the Dolce range is there to support you in your sessions.

🔥 The 3 performance shortboards: to push the limits

For surfers who like to push the limits and experience the adrenaline to its fullest, Zeus and Cabianca have also created a line of 3 performance shortboards . These boards are designed to offer intense sensations and exceptional maneuverability. With their design inspired by the latest surfing trends, these shortboards will allow you to explore new horizons and surpass yourself on the most powerful waves.

🌟 The explosion of creativity: 8 unique shapes

In total, 8 unique shapes were created thanks to the collaboration between Zeus and Johnny Cabianca. Each shape has been carefully designed to offer optimal performance in varied conditions. Whether you are looking for a board for small summer waves or for more committed sessions, you will inevitably find the shape that matches your surfing style and your aspirations.

💥 Don't miss the opportunity to discover these exceptional boards , the result of the collaboration between Zeus and Cabianca. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, there is sure to be a board that suits you. Let yourself be carried away by the union of these two ranges of boards and set out to conquer the waves with style and performance. Ride with Zeus x Cabianca and experience unforgettable surf sessions! 🌊🤙

And, because we're excited to introduce this epic collaboration, we have an exclusive promo code for our readers. Use the code CABINACA10 when ordering and benefit from a 10% discount on all boards in the Zeus x Cabianca range . This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a quality surfboard and save money at the same time. So don't wait any longer, grab this special offer and get ready to experience moments of pure happiness on the waves! 🏄‍♀️🔥

The promo code CABINACA10 is valid until 12/31/2023 for the first 100 uses.

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