Our actions

🌍 In a complex, fast-moving world with countless and massive challenges, Zeus remains cool and does not take the side of shaming. It's all about action! 💪

🌱 PRODUCTS: Each product we develop aims at having the smallest impact possible for the planet, but also for the wallets of our surfer friends. We therefore choose to only offer products for which we can provide real added value in terms of eco-responsibility and/or in terms of price. ♻️💲

The bottom (slick), fins and leash as well as the plugs of our leashes in all our boards are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles or waste. 0% plastic packaging : all our packaging has been made of recyclable cardboard or paper since 2020.

Our clothes are made in the North of Portugal and are 100% made of GOTS Organic cotton 🌊🌿

🔬 PROTOTYPES : Supported and subsidized by Brittany and New Aquitaine region, we have been working for 2 years and are currently investing in research and development to produce prototypes of 80% recycled and 100% recyclable foam boards. 3 first prototypes 100% made in France were born and surfed the French waves during 2022. These boards will be manufactured in partnership with Cutback Sport in Saint Malo.

🏭 FACTORY : Upon validation of a final prototype of foam surfboards made in France from natural and recycled materials, we will schedule the opening of the 1st European softboard factory.

Objective accomplished with a 100% Made in Brittany school range that will be launched in the summer of 2023 🏄 ♂️🏭

🎉 PLEASURE: Sharing, fun, a little lightness in this world that is a little too "serious", freedom, adventure, here is Zeus' major challenge on a daily basis! 🌈🤙

At Zeus, we are committed to doing our best to preserve our environment and provide quality products. Join us in this adventure and support a brand that cares about the planet as much as the pleasure of surfing! 🌊