Surfing earplugs: your best defense against exostosis

Les bouchons d'oreilles de surf : votre meilleure défense contre l'exostose - Zeus Surf

Hello surfers!

Are you ready to hit the waves in 2024? Before diving, don't forget your protective equipment, and we're not just talking about the wetsuit ! Earplugs are the little extra that makes all the difference in keeping your ears in great shape. And believe us, your ears will thank you! 😉

Key points to remember:

  •  Surfing earplugs are essential to prevent exostosis and ear infections 🦻
  • They must be comfortable , waterproof , hold in place and preserve hearing and balance
  • Regular maintenance is crucial to prolong their lifespan and effectiveness
  • Surf Ears 3.0 and EQ Ear Plugs are the most efficient models on the market 🏆

Why are earplugs your best allies?

Cold water and repeated sessions are the perfect combo for developing exostosis , that nasty bone growth in the ear canal.

Result ? Ringing, repeated ear infections , loss of hearing and balance... In short, a nightmare for any surfer! 😱 This is where earplugs come into play.

Thanks to their special membrane which blocks water while allowing air to pass through, they reduce the risk of exostosis without altering your sensations on the board. And that’s good for your health and your style! 😎

The criteria for choosing your caps like a pro

Comfort , waterproofing , support , sound, look... Earplugs have more than one trick up their sleeve! Here are the points to check to find your ideal pair:

Criteria What to look for
Comfort A soft, non-irritating material that conforms to the shape of your ear canal
Waterproofing An effective barrier against water, without the slightest leak
Maintenance A good grip that resists waves and movements, with a safety cord
Her Filtration of loud sounds, without compromising hearing or balance
Look Discreet models to go unnoticed, or colorful to show off your style

Maintenance, your ally for long-lasting corks

Your earplugs protect you, so take care of them! Here are the steps to take to keep them in top shape:

  • Rinse them with fresh water after each session to remove salt and impurities 🚿
  • Disinfect them regularly with isopropyl alcohol to prevent the proliferation of bacteria 🦠
  • Store them in a ventilated case, away from heat and direct sunlight ☀️
  • Avoid aggressive cleaning products which could damage the filter membrane ❌
  • Replace them every 4 to 6 years, or as soon as they show signs of wear ⏰

Our selection of the best surf earplugs in 2024

Do you want to invest in high-end earplugs ? Here are our two favorites of the year:

1. Surf Ears 3.0 : the ultimate reference (€50)

With their patented SurfEars™ technology and their anatomical design, Surf Ears 3.0 offer optimal protection without compromising on comfort and sensations. The complete kit includes 3 interchangeable tip sizes, a cord and a storage case. The must-have for demanding surfers! 🌟

2. EQ Ear Plugs : excellent value for money (€30-40)

EQ Ear Plugs combine comfort, tightness and support at a lower price. Their patented filter membrane preserves hearing and balance, while their ergonomic shape ensures a perfect fit in the ear. They exist in transparent or brightly colored versions. The best for smart surfers! 👌

FAQ: Answers to your burning questions

1. And if I'm allergic to silicone, what should I do?

Don't panic, there are models made from TPE, a hypoallergenic elastomer, like Mack's Pillow Soft . Find out about the composition before purchasing.

2. I already wear a neoprene hat, is that enough?

Even though the hat protects against the cold and wind, it does not filter the water. Earplugs remain essential to optimally prevent exostosis .

3. I have a small exostosis, can I continue surfing without plugs?

Especially not ! Exostosis will only get worse if you don't protect your ears. Wear your plugs during each session to stop the progression and avoid surgery.

4. I find it uncomfortable, I'll never get used to it...

It's just a quesiton of habit ! Start with small sessions with your plugs, then gradually increase the duration. And don't hesitate to test different models to find the one that suits you best.

Conclusion :

As you will have understood, earplugs are not a simple accessory for surfers: they are essential protective equipment to preserve your hearing health and balance .

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, don't hesitate to use earplugs during your sessions, and take care of them so that they stay with you for as long as possible. With this, you will be ready to tame the waves with complete peace of mind! See you at the spot! 🌊🤙

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