Dewax your Surfboard in Two Steps Three Movements

Déwaxer sa Planche de Surf en Deux Temps Trois Mouvements

At Zeus, we know the hassle of dewaxing , but we have the solution for you!

💪 Most of our foam boards do not require wax , so no hassle to remove it. 🙌 But for others, don't panic, we'll guide you through express wax removal!

Forget hours spent scraping off dirty wax ! There are plenty of smart tools to make your life easier.

Our favorite? The wax comb , effective and inexpensive (around €5). An old rag and a special product like DEWAX.IT (€11.50), and you're all set! 🛠️

The pro method: soften the stubborn wax with a hairdryer before attacking it with a comb. Rub from the center towards the rails, and that's it! You can even make a ball of wax in the process, it's satisfying.

Then, a quick wipe with a cloth soaked in wax remover , and your board shines like the first day! 🌟 Remember to throw away used wax, and opt for eco-friendly wax next time. The planet thanks you! 🌍 Be careful, if your board is made of foam, take it easy with the comb so as not to damage it.

⚠️ absolutely avoid the board burning in the sun, it's the best way to ruin it! ☀️🙅‍♂️ Essence F can help dissolve the wax if necessary. ⛽

There you have it, by following these tips, you will be able to de-wax your board in no time, and find a crazy ride! 🏄‍♂️💨 Remember to add a base and new wax afterwards, your board is just waiting for that. 😉

So, are you ready to tackle dewaxing? Let's go ! 🤙

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