Pissing in your wetsuit, good or bad idea?

Pisser dans sa Combi de Surf bonne ou mauvaise idée ? - Zeus Surf

Some will find it disgusting 🤮, others amusing 😃, everyone can form their own opinion on the matter. But one thing is certain, peeing in your wetsuit is a well-established reality in the world of boardsports. 🌊

The Science Behind Combi Peeing 🔬

Scientists confirm that urinating in your wetsuit couldn't be more natural! It's even a norm among surfers. 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️ This underwater phenomenon has a name: “ immersion diuresis ”, which means “water loss due to immersion”.

Basically, the colder temperature and increased pressure of the surrounding water gives you that irresistible urge to pee. 🚽 Your blood vessels narrow, your blood moves to your vital organs, triggering a hormone called " vasopressure " which regulates urine production. And that’s how you end up peeing in your wetsuit! 💦

Peeing in a Wetsuit: A Surfer’s Ritual

Among surfers, the question no longer even arises. Peeing yourself is almost part of the ritual. On a winter morning ❄️ after a good coffee ☕, there's nothing like a little pee in your wetsuit to warm up instantly. 🔥

There are two types of surfers:

  • Those who openly admit to peeing in their wetsuit (around 90%),
  • and the others, who do it but don't dare admit it (the remaining 10%). 😎

At Zeus, we are proudly in group 1!

The Pros and Cons of Peeing in a Combi

✅ The advantages:

  • Holding back is not good for your health
  • Relieve yourself to be quiet for the rest of the session
  • Instant heat stroke when you're cold
  • A sign that your body is well hydrated
  • Zero risk of missing THE perfect wave

⛔️ Disadvantages:

  • Urine is slightly corrosive and can damage neoprene
  • Being soaked in your pee isn't really glamorous
  • Risk of rash
  • A smell that is difficult to get rid of

The 5 Golden Rules of Peeing in a Wetsuit ⚠️

  1. NEVER pee in a friend's wetsuit . If he was nice to lend it to you, thank him in other ways than with a yellow baptism. 💛
  2. No pee in a new wetsuit. Wait until you are sure that it fits you perfectly, otherwise return to the compromised seller. 💰
  3. It is forbidden to pee in a rental wetsuit . Think of all the pissers who came before you... 🤢
  4. ALWAYS rinse your wetsuit after peeing . It’s even downright obligatory!
  5. Use a special product to effectively clean your combi. 🧼

So, are you ready to come out as a wetsuit pisser? 😜 Don't forget, the ocean is your best ally for cleaning up your little secrets. And if someone makes a comment to you, remind them that it’s science speaking! 🤿

Happy surfing everyone, and see you pee in your wetsuit! 😉🌊

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