Zeus EVA vs. IXPE: Understanding Construction Differences

Zeus EVA vs. IXPE: Comprendre les différences de construction - Zeus Surf

In the world of surfing, the choice of equipment is essential to guarantee an optimal surfing experience. At Zeus, we offer two types of construction for our Classic range surfboards : EVA and IXPE . Although the basic structure is the same, variations in fin boxes, fins and deck covering can have a significant impact on the performance and feel of your surf sessions.

In this article, we will explain in detail the differences between these two constructions to help you make the best choice based on your needs and your level of surfing.

1. IXPE construction:

The IXPE construction is designed to provide a comfortable and stable ride, ideal for beginners and surfers looking to progress with confidence. The main features of this construction are:

- Deck Cover: The IXPE deck cover is more robust and scratch-resistant, providing better durability of the board. You will need to apply wax to benefit from optimal adhesion.

- Fin Boxes: IXPE boards are equipped with removable rigid fin boxes 

- Fins: IXPE boards usually come with soft fins. These fins provide good grip and stability, making it easier to control the board, especially in softer, less powerful surf conditions.

Zeus EVA Foam Surfboard

2. EVA construction:

The EVA construction is aimed at more experienced surfers looking for optimal performance in varied surfing conditions. Here are the key features of this build:

  •  Deck Liner: The EVA deck liner provides excellent grip and extra comfort under the surfer's feet. This means you don't need to use wax to ensure good traction when moving on the board.
  •  Fin boxes: EVA boards are equipped with plastic fin boxes made from recycled plastic.
  • Fins: IXPE boards usually come with hard plastic fins. These fins provide better performance and response in faster, more powerful waves.


Whether you opt for EVA or IXPE construction, each Zeus board type offers unique benefits suited to different surfing levels and personal preferences.

At Zeus , our goal is to provide you with high quality surfboards, designed to meet your specific needs and provide you with an exceptional surfing experience. Whatever your choice, rest assured that you are surfing with a Zeus board that embodies the spirit of adventure and passion for riding.

Zeus foam surfboard with IXPE coated deck - Putting wax on foam surfboardsZeus Foam Surfboard with EVA Deck

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