What budget to start surfing in 2024

Quel budget pour débuter en surf en 2024 - Zeus Surf

Have you always dreamed of surfing? 2024 is the ideal year to get started!

The Paris Olympic Games will host a surfing event for the first time, which will take place at theTeahupo'o spot in Tahiti. This competition should spark new enthusiasm for this sport, which is already very popular around the world.

But, how much does it cost to start surfing? The answer depends on several factors, including your level, your practice style and the equipment you wish to acquire.

In this article, we will give you an estimate of the budget needed to start surfing , as well as some tips for saving money on the purchase of your equipment .

So, ready to surf?

Beginners catching their first waves in surfing

First step: take surfing lessons

If you're new to surfing and haven't caught a wave, it's important to take surf lessons to learn the basics of safety and technique . Surf lessons will allow you to:

  • Learn the safety rules .
  • Learn surfing techniques , such as paddling, take-off and board position.
  • Improve your physical condition and coordination.

    There are different types of surf lessons:

    • Group lessons: These lessons are generally cheaper than individual lessons and are a good option for beginners who want to learn the basics of surfing.
    • Individual lessons: these lessons are more expensive than group lessons, but they allow you to benefit from personalized teaching.
    • Surfing courses: these courses usually last several days and ensure rapid progress.

      The price of surf lessons varies depending on the duration of the lesson, the type of lesson and the location. You can usually find surf lessons for around 50 euros per hour.

      Taking surf lessons is a great way to get started in surfing and progress quickly.

      Here are some links to websites where you can find surf lessons to book online: Surfnow and ECF

      Once you have mastered the basics, you can consider investing in a surfboard.

      Students taking a surf lesson in Charente Martime

      2. Estimate the budget for your surfboard

      The surfboard will be the central element of your equipment. The price varies depending on several elements such as size , materials , construction and the brand chosen .

      The price of a new surfboard in 2024

      A New surfboard for beginners generally costs 300 to 500 euros . Intermediate surfboards usually cost 400 to 800 euros . Surfboards for experts can cost more than 1,000 euros and some collector's boards can exceed 2,000 euros, or even more than 10,0000 euros for a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton .

      Depending on the size of your board the price will not be the same, a longboard will necessarily be more expensive than a shortboard .

      You will find cheap surfboards on certain marketplaces and certain online shops , you can also look in the right place. For a quality surfboard, you need to spend at least 150 euros for a small children's board and 250 euros for an adult foam board like a mini Malibu .

      A van fitted out with a group of surfers and their softboard surfboards

      Additional costs to include in your budget

      In addition to the surfboard, you will need other equipment, such as a wetsuit , sunscreen , a board cover and a leash . The price of this equipment also varies depending on the quality and brand.

      Here is an estimate of the additional costs to be expected:

      • Neoprene suit : allow for 100 to 300 euros. If you surf all year round, you need a wetsuit suitable for each season
      • Shorty jumpsuit for summer: 100-150 euros
      • 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuit for winter: 200-300 euros

        Accessories for surfing in winter :

        • Gloves: 30 to 90 euros
        • Slippers: 30 to 120 euros
        • Balaclava: around 30 euros.

          The indispensable

          • Sun cream : count on 10 to 20 euros.
          • Cover : From 50 to 100 euros for a classic cover, more for a multi-board transport cover.
          • Leash : Allow between 20 and 40 euros for a leash adapted to your board.
          • Fins : From 50 to 200 euros depending on quality. Check if they are supplied with the board.
          • Poncho : To change, count between 30 and 100 euros.

          A surfer getting into the water with a foam surfboard

            To transport your surf gear

            It is important to have a way to transport your surfboard f. You can opt for straps on the car roof or a bike rack if you are not too far from the spots.

            • Straps : Straps are an economical and practical solution. They allow you to carry your surfboard on your back or on the roof of your car. Count around 50 euros. If you don't have a roof rack, there are ready-to-use kits.
            • Bike rack : A bike rack is a more practical solution. It allows you to transport your surfboard on your bike. Allow approximately 100 euros for a solid and reliable rack. Otherwise, many bike rentals offer bikes equipped with board holders for your surf sessions.

              In summary , plan on a budget of 200 to 500 euros to start surfing . If you want to buy a new surfboard, you can plan a budget of 300 to 600 euros

              At Zeus we offer you complete packs ready to surf with the board, the leash and a cover .

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              A foam surfboard

              II. Optimize your budget

              II. Optimize your budget

              Surfing is a sport that can be expensive, but there are ways to stretch your budget. Here are a few tips :

              Find the rare second-hand pearl

              Used surfboards can be a great option for saving money. You can find good deals on online classified sites, in surf shops , or from other surfers.

              When purchasing a used surfboard , it is important to inspect it carefully to make sure it is in good condition. Check for cracks, dents and scratches. If you are in doubt about the condition of the board, it is best to seek professional advice.

              At Zeus we also have used boards on our online store here 👈🏻

              Our advice for buying a used board

              For your first board, choose an epoxy construction or a softboard , forget about polyester resin shortboards . In terms of shape, a longboard or a Malibu are perfect.

              If you are looking for less volume, you can direct your search towards models of this type of shape: fish, a hybrid, egg.

              A happy surfer with a Zeus foam surfboard

              Rental: test before buying your board

              Surfboard rental is a great option if you want to try the sport before you start. You can rent a surfboard from surf shops , surf schools or surf clubs .

              Renting is also a good option if you want to surf different spots. You can rent a surfboard from a surf shop or school when you travel.

              Promotions and sales periods

              Surf shops often have promotions and sales . It is therefore important to monitor the offers to find the best deals .

              Furthermore, you can also subscribe to surf store newsletters to be informed of upcoming promotions and good deals.

              Also, we are starting to find reconditioned surfboards from certain manufacturers such as Zeus , Wyve , Euroglass . These surfboards can come from different sources, such as surf schools , new boards with appearance defects , we speak of second choice or B Grade in the board sports industry. There are also customer returns following incidents during delivery .

              III. Focus on the long term

              Surfing is a sport that can be practiced for many years. If you're considering getting into surfing, it's important to consider the overall cost of ownership over several years .

              Total cost of ownership over several years

              The overall cost of a surfboard includes purchase, repair and maintenance costs.

              • Purchasing Cost : The cost of purchasing a surfboard varies depending on the quality, size and material of the board. If you buy a new surfboard, you can count on a budget of 300 to 2,000 euros.
              • Repair Cost : Surfboard repair costs vary depending on the severity of the damage. If you have your surfboard repaired by a professional, you can count on a budget of 10 to 50 euros for a minor scratch to several hundred euros for a major repair.
              • Maintenance cost : The maintenance costs of a surfboard are relatively low.

                The importance of maintenance to preserve your board

                Regularly maintaining your surfboard will help keep it in good condition and extend its lifespan.

                • Rinse your board with fresh water after each use to remove salt and sand.
                • Let your board dry in the shade.

                  Note that you can replace the wax with a pad, or if you have a softboard foam board, there is no point in waxing your surfboard.

                  When should you consider investing in a new board?

                  You may consider investing in a new surfboard when:

                  1. Your surfing level is progressing and you need a board adapted to your level.
                  2. Your surfboard is damaged and repairs are too expensive.
                  3. You just want a new surfboard with different features.

                  Choosing the right surfboard

                  IV. Quality before price

                  Surfing is a sport that requires precision and control. A quality surfboard will allow you to progress faster and enjoy a better surfing experience.

                  A board adapted to progress

                  The size, shape and material of your surfboard have a big impact on your performance. If you are a beginner, it is important to choose a surfboard adapted to your level .

                  • Size : A larger board will be more stable and easier to control, but it will be less maneuverable. A smaller board will be more maneuverable, but it will be more difficult to control.
                  • Shape : The shape of the surfboard affects its stability, maneuverability and speed. There are different types of surfboard shapes, suitable for different surfing styles.
                  • Material : The material of the surfboard affects its strength, buoyancy and performance. The most common materials are polystyrene, epoxy and fiberglass.

                    Increased sensations and performance

                    A quality surfboard will offer you increased sensations and performance .

                    A well-built board will be stronger and more durable. A well-designed board will also be more manageable and more efficient. Conversely, a poor quality board will not last long and will barely offer any gliding sensations.

                    The brands and materials that make the difference

                    There are many brands of surfboards on the market. Some brands are more renowned than others for the quality of their products.

                    The materials used to make surfboards also have a big impact on their quality . The best performing materials are the most expensive.

                    If you want to fully enjoy surfing, it is crucial to invest in a quality surfboard .

                    A quality surfboard will allow you to progress faster, enjoy a better surfing experience and extend the life of your investment.

                    Among the popular surfboard brands in 2024, Zeus, Wyve , firewire , NSP , Torq , Tahe , Olaian , Nomads and Notox

                    A surfer in front of a blockhouse with a Zeus surfboard

                    In summary

                    The budget to start surfing depends on many factors. But, with a budget of 700 to 1,500 euros, you can comfortably equip yourself with an excellent quality board , a wetsuit and the necessary accessories .

                    To optimize your budget, consider looking at offers for used or promotional boards, you can then reduce your budget by half. Then, think long-term : suitable and well-maintained equipment can accompany you for many years in your passion!

                    If the price remains a barrier, also know that it is possible to start surfing at a lower cost . In particular, you can rent equipment at the beginning to test , before investing, some brands are also starting to do long-term rentals.

                    The main thing is to have fun on the waves. So don't hesitate any longer, and go to the ocean.

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                    1. Should you take lessons when you start surfing?

                    Yes, the lessons are crucial for learning the basics: safety, paddling techniques, take-off, positioning on the board. They also improve physical condition.

                    2. What types of surf lessons are there?

                    • Group lessons: more affordable
                    • Individual lessons: personalized teaching
                    • Multi-day courses: rapid progress

                      3. How much do surf lessons cost?

                      On average, count around 50 euros for an introductory surfing session. Prices vary depending on the package chosen and the season. Courses over several days cost from €150 to €250.

                      4. What is the budget for a first new board?

                      Between 300 and 500 euros for a beginner board. Up to more than 1,000 euros for expert equipment.

                      5. What other purchases are necessary?

                      Suit, winter accessories, sunscreen, cover, leash, fins... Allow around 500 euros.

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