How to choose the right surfboard

Jeune femme avec une planche de surf Zeus au coucher du soleil sur un spot de surf en France

If you have just completed a surf course and are looking for your first surfboard then you are in the right place 😎

At Zeus we have specialized in the design of foam surfboards since 2017. Today our Zeus brand is present in the best surf schools in France and abroad, you will also find our boards in our partner surfshops, the Zeus stores and our online store.

Finding the ideal surfboard is not that simple, between the technical jargon, the different brands, the models. Buying a foam surfboard can become a mission or even an intimidating experience when you start. You may have difficulty finding the right type of board and sorting through the many offers on the market.

We will give you advice on how to choose your foam surfboard 😎. The objective: find the board that suits best and have good surfing sessions in 2023.

Foam surfboards have been gaining popularity in the surfing world 🏄🏻‍♂️ in recent years. They were originally designed for surf schools in Australia and the USA. The idea being to have boards that are more accessible than traditional resin surfboards. Today, they can be found in surf schools and surfcamps all over the world 🌍

They are affordable and safe for learning to surf thanks to their deck entirely covered in EVA foam . Foam or soft top surfboards allow you to gently learn to surf and offer good durability, subject to quality construction. If this is not the case, you will end up with a split board after a few sessions 🌊

Foam boards are generally a little wider and thicker than the other boards. They also have more volume than a traditional rigid surfboard of equal size, which allows the greatest number of easily take the slightest wave or undulation present.

As with other surfboards, there is a wide range of boards available in all types of shapes. Of fish At mini malibu without forgetting the longboard .

This diversity of shapes allows riders of all levels and sizes to discover the sensations of surfing .

What size foam surfboard?

As with a classic surfboard , foam surfboards are chosen based on several criteria , which must be taken into account your level of practice . This will allow you to have the size and most suitable shape.

For a beginner surfer , we recommend a foam board of size similar to that used in class, generally between 7' and 9 '. Traditionally, we opt for the same shape, of type funboard Or longboard.

The only problem with foam boards is that they all look the same. Difficult to navigate in the veritable jungle of the market.

They are found at all prices, and for a beginner, it is not easy to sort between them. brand claims and marketing these last. Unless you cut your board in half and look at what's inside, it's difficult to see the differences between the boards.

If you can try it, even better. If the surf school works with a brand, it might be the right one, because surf schools have ultra-intensive use of equipment.

The quality of EPS bread (core) says about the durability of your foam surfboard. Depending on the density and its assembly, you can have a board that lasts for years or only does one session.

Without going into details, to make a good board, you need the right ingredients, from the core to the foam to the fiber: nothing should be left to chance, otherwise your board will end up in landfill in less than a week. Because yes, foam surfboards are not recyclable. So if you are tempted to buy one, you must choose a quality board.

Investing in a cheap surfboard is the equivalent of paying for it twice. THE Foam surfboards are very difficult to repair unlike other types of hard surfing. You can also turn to boards designed for beginners made in France or find a good used board in a surfshop.

Depending on your level:

"When you choose a foam board, it is It is important to take into account your level and experience in surfing . Foam boards are generally designed for specific surfing levels, and choosing a board that suits your level will help to progress more quickly and have more fun on the water.

For beginners:

  • If you are a beginner, you should go for a longer and wider length foam board. This will give you more balance and stability, which is essential for learning to surf.

  • Thicker foam boards are also a good option for beginners, as they are less sensitive to technical errors.

Three Popular Zeus Surfboards for Getting Started

  1. Zeus Fuego 7'0 - The reference for beginners under 70kg - count between 350 and 400€
  2. Zeus Rosa 7'6 - Perfect for adults weighing less than 75 kilos - count between €350 and €400
  3. Zeus Temper 8'0 - The first board for adults weighing 80 kilos and over - Count 400 euros

For intermediate surfers:

  • If you already have a few surf sessions under your belt and you are starting to feel comfortable. You may want to consider purchasing a foam board with a little less volume . This will allow you to maneuver more easily and surf faster waves .

  • It is also important to consider the shape and volume of the foam board when moving to an intermediate level. Foam boards with a more pronounced rocker and a thinner tail will help you maneuver faster and surf more technical waves.

Our selection for intermediate riders

  1. Dolce 7'0 - The perfect board for progress - Count 450 euros

  2. Mamba 6'6 - Our bestseller in the intermediate category - Count 450 euros

For advanced surfers:

  • If you are an experienced surfer, you should look for shorter and longer foam boards fine, with more efficient shapes. A foam board is a good option for days when the spot is crowded.

Before buying a foam surfboard, here are our 3 tips to avoid being disappointed with your new board

  1. Opt for one board reinforced with fiberglass and/or stringers. These wooden or fiber slats will stiffen your foam board and prevent certain breakages.

  2. Look at the details such as the fin boxes, the leash plug, the carrying handle . Foam boards must have a shape, that is to say they cannot be completely flat like your ironing board, otherwise it will be impossible to surf with them.

  3. Unless of 200 euros , ask yourself questions. If you need help, contact a surf shop or make an appointment with one of our experts for advice.

  4. In summary, a foam surfboard is a good choice to start surfing. Foam boards are accessible and robust and offer the advantages of a soft top construction and good value for money.

Take your level and size into account to find the size and shape that suits you. Choose a board with good construction and quality materials.

The advantages of foam boards:

  • Accessible and safe boards.

  • Different shapes for different levels and sizes.

  • Well chosen quality materials.

The disadvantages of foam boards:

  • Difficult to navigate the variety of offers on the market

  • Not recyclable

  • Not very repairable

In conclusion, if you are a beginner in surfing or looking for an impact resistant board , the foam surfboard is a great option to consider . However, with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose which board is best for you.

So, ready to find your ideal foam surfboard for successful surf sessions in 2023? Contact us now!

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