Mini Malibu: The Perfect Intermediate Board for Learning to Surf

Mini Malibu : la planche intermédiaire idéale pour bien débuter le surf - Zeus Surf

Surfing attracts more and more fans every year, seduced by this sensational sport. To get started, the choice of board is essential . In this quest, the mini Malibu stands out as the essential board .

This intermediate board perfectly combines accessibility , maneuverability and performance . Its advantages ? Great reassuring stability for beginners, while offering very pleasant sliding sensations. The mini Malibu is therefore the perfect solution to learn and progress in surfing in the best conditions.

Whether you simply want to have fun with the family for a weekend or ultimately aim to become a real rider, this versatile board will be able to accompany you. Budding surfers looking for thrills or experienced surfers wanting to refine their style on small waves, the mini Malib u has everything to please you!

Discover in this article the many reasons that make the reputation of the mini Malibu . Shape, dimensions, riding qualities, design... We tell you everything about this board accessible to everyone which could well become your best ally!

mini malibu surf

What is a Mini Malibu surfboard?

The mini Malibu is a smaller version of the famous Malibu longboard popularized in the 60s in California at the Malibu spot north of Los Angeles, California . This intermediate board is approximately 2m long. To put it simply, it's a kind of mini longboard that falls into the category of Mid length surfboards.

Its reduced dimensions compared to the original longboard make it more manageable , while retaining the advantages of the longboard, namely good gliding and easy paddling .

The mini Malibu features a rounded shape and a significant width, generally sizes vary from 7 to 8 feet.

These characteristics, combined with its soft rocker (curvature of the board) , give it great stability and ease of handling. This type of shape ensures smooth take offs . So many assets that make it an ideal surfboard for beginners and to progress quickly.

Who is this board made for?

Although initially designed for beginners, the mini Malibu is a versatile board suitable for all profiles . Its generous volume and great stability make it an ideal choice for novices wishing to progress in surfing.

Teenagers also feel perfectly comfortable on this reassuring board . Its easy handling and gliding qualities also appeal to more experienced surfers looking for total control in varied conditions.

The mini Malibu will delight both the cautious neophyte and the experienced rider looking to refine their technique in less powerful waves. Whatever your size , your age or your level , this type of accessible board will seduce you!

If you are looking for your first board then opt for a Mini Malibu

Mini Malibu Surfboard

Construction and materials: know everything before you crack

The mini Malibu is available in different materials , each with advantages and disadvantages that are good to know before making your choice. We distinguish :

Polyurethane (PU) resin boards: light and responsive, but too fragile for a beginner. Count €400 and more.

Epoxy resin (PU) boards: light and responsive for a beginner. Count €500 and more. among the popular brands: Firewire , Wyve , torq & NSP

The boards in plastic from brands like Tahe (formerly Bic): practical and robust, but often heavy, difficult to repair and less pleasant to surf. Price-wise, count on €350 minimum.

EVA foam boards called softboards : our recommendation! Comfortable and almost indestructible, they combine safety, maneuverability and sensations. Count on €200 to €400 for a quality softboard.

EVA foam models , also called softboards or softop , are in our opinion the best compromise. Their construction is covered with waterproof foam which makes them solid , comfortable and ideal for learning without injuries . Count on 200 euros for an entry-level board from Zeus or Olaian, the Decathlon brand.

Unlike Bic boards, they remain light and responsive enough to have fun. And unlike fragile PU boards, a fall or a blow will not destroy your trusty softboard!

For peaceful learning and fun sessions with friends, don't hesitate to opt for a mini foam Malibu. Sliding sensations guaranteed without breaking the bank!

Fin configuration

Most mini Malibus feature a configuration of 3 fins or thrusters , ideal for combining stability and maneuverability. There is a central fin placed in the middle of the board, supplemented on each side by 2 smaller fins at the rear of the shape.

This triangular layout provides optimal control for the board to calmly tackle small and medium waves. The two small side fins facilitate turns and increase gliding, while the central fin maintains the trajectory. Thanks to the 3 fins of a thruster, your board goes straight while allowing you to easily place your board on the wave.

A proven recipe that has proven itself to offer stability and sensations to beginners and more seasoned riders!

mini malibu foam surfboard


The mini Malibu is an easy board to handle thanks to its great stability and excellent balance . Its rounded nose makes it easier to catch waves and beginners will appreciate its intuitive maneuverability when paddling.

Once launched, you can count on natural gliding and a good cruising speed . The elongated shape of the mini Malibu reduces drag allowing you to ride comfortably on the wave. Its 3 fins provide total control to vary trajectories.

These qualities make the mini Malibu a wise choice in small to medium waves, ideal for progressing in surfing. Its generous volume will allow you to float well to catch the wave, while its progressive rocker will facilitate the passage of the soft section.

But the mini Malibu also knows how to be lively when the swell gains power. Its reassuring stability and excellent gliding qualities ensure you can ride calmly in waves up to 1.5 m -2 m. Enough to satisfy even the most seasoned surfers and carry out some great maneuvers .

mini malibu surf Zeus

Why choose a mini malibu board?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose a mini malibu board:

  • Stability: The rounded shape and significant width of the mini Malibu give it great stability. This is especially crucial for beginners, who still need to get used to the movement of the board on the water.

  • Easy to use: The mini Malibu is an easy board to use. It is light and easy to handle, which allows beginners to progress quickly.

  • Versatility: The mini Malibu is a versatile board that can be used in a variety of wave conditions. It is particularly suitable for small waves, but it can also be used in larger waves.

  • Comfort: The rounded shape of the mini Malibu offers excellent sliding comfort. This is especially important for long journeys.

  • Design: The mini Malibus from Zeus are elegant and stylish. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

The mini Malibu by Zeus selection

At Zeus , we offer you different models of mini Malibus adapted to your level and your desires. Discover our selection!

Zeus Classic Surfboard Range

The Zeus Classic range for novices

The Zeus Dolce range - Intermediate foam softboards

We also have an ultra compact 6'6 version

The Progress range - great value for money for starters

Zeus Progress Surfboard Range - Beginner Surfing

Progress 7'0, Progress 7'6 and Progress 8'0: mini malibus at the best price from 5'6" (168 cm) to 8'0" (244 cm), perfect for progressing smoothly.

Surfboards for less than €300

Are you still hesitant? Our experts are here to advise you and help you find your ideal mini Malibu!


The mini Malibu, a sure value in your quiver that grows with you

With the mini Malib u, you can't go wrong! This user-friendly and accessible board is the dream companion for your first steps in the world of surfing.

Its great stability and intuitive handling make it the perfect option for a safe introduction. Young and old, beginners and experienced, the mini Malibu will appeal to the whole family!

But make no mistake: beneath its good-natured exterior lies a board with excellent capabilities. The mini Malibu will accompany you well beyond your first attempts to follow you in your progress.

Sensitive souls in search of sensations, aspiring athletes or simple amateurs, refine your style in complete freedom on this board as comfortable in small rolls as in more straightforward waves.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Californian Malibus and adopt a mini Malibu now, the ideal board to grow up with a smile! A Zeus board awaits you.


What is the difference between a mini Malibu, a funboard and a mini length and a mini longboard?

None ! These are three names designating one and the same category of boards. The mini Malibu, the funboard and the mini length all three refer to versatile intermediate boards perfectly suited to beginner or intermediate surfers.

These three terms are therefore synonymous and can be used interchangeably to designate this type of shape that is easy to handle and guarantees good performance. No matter what name you use, you are talking about the same board with a unique positioning!

My salesman tells me about a fish or an egg, is that also the same thing?

No, the fish and the egg designate other types of boards with different characteristics. The mini Malibu/funboard/mini length stands out for its elongated directional shape, its great stability and its versatility. The fish and egg refer to shorter, more maneuverable models designed for different surfing styles.

In summary :

Mini Malibu = Funboard = Mini Length: same versatile board for beginners and intermediates

Fish, Egg: other types of boards, for specific surfing styles

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