Put on your surf wetsuit in 5 steps: the secrets of Zeus!

Enfiler sa combi de surf en 5 étapes : les secrets de Zeus ! - Zeus Surf

The ultimate guide to putting on (and taking off) your wetsuit without hassle! 🙌

Hello surfers! Today, we're tackling THE subject that can quickly turn your session into an ordeal: putting on and taking off your wetsuit . Because we've all experienced that moment of loneliness struggling with our second neoprene skin. But rest assured, with the right tips, it’s child’s play! 😎

Think of good old Jack O'Neill, the inventor of the surf wetsuit, who must be laughing to see us struggling since his last wave in surfers' paradise. He who gave us this great equipment to face cold waters, he had planned everything... except the hassle of putting it on! 😄

So, are you ready to discover the secrets to becoming wetsuit-wearing pros? Let's go ! 🤙

1. The choice of wetsuit: the key to success

Before even thinking about putting on your wetsuit, you have to choose it carefully. And here, pay attention to the current trend for models with front zip or even without zip! It's cool, it's stylish, but in terms of practicality, we'll forget.

If you are a beginner or a little stressed at the idea of ​​contorting yourself in all directions, opt instead for a good old model with a back zip. Certainly, it's a little less hype, but so much easier to put on!

2. Plastic socks: the secret of the pros

Have you opted for a model without a zip or with a front zip and are having trouble getting your feet into the ankles of the suit? Don't panic, we have the solution: put plastic bags or socks on your feet before tackling the wetsuit. It may sound weird, but it's extremely effective in making the neoprene slide easily on your skin. Test it, you’ll see! 😉

3. The “legs-arms-head” technique: the basis to master

Now that you have chosen your wetsuit and are equipped with your magic plastic bags, let's get down to business.

To put on your wetsuit without stress, there is an order to follow: legs, arms, head.

Start by positioning your wetsuit flat in front of you, then slide the legs up to mid-thigh. Then, pass your arms through the sleeves up to your elbows. Finally, put on the head and pull the suit up to the waist and shoulders. And there you have it, you're ready to hit the waves! 🌊

4. A helping hand from a friend: the easy solution

If you really can't do it alone, don't be ashamed to ask a friend for a helping hand. It's always easier with two people, and it will avoid getting upset and risking tearing your wetsuit. Between surfers, we are here to help each other, so take advantage of it! 😄

5. The final word: keep cool! 😎

Finally, the most important thing in all of this is to stay calm. Yes, putting on your wetsuit can quickly become frustrating, especially when you're in a hurry to jump into the water. But stressing will only make things worse. So we take a deep breath, take our time, and think about the fun that awaits us once in the water. 🤙

Bonus: the technique for removing your wetsuit without straining a muscle!

Because it's not just putting it on that can be a hassle, let's also talk about taking it off.

Here again, there is an unstoppable technique: you start by unzipping the suit completely (for models with zip, of course), then you remove the arms by sliding them well up to the wrists. Then, we lower the suit to the waist, then we sit down to remove the legs one by one. And there you have it, you are free of your neoprene armor! 😎

PS: we avoid bringing the beach home. A large plastic bag and a changing mat will be very useful.

So, are you ready to become pros at putting on and taking off wetsuits? With these tips, you'll no longer have an excuse to hang out in the locker room while everyone else is having fun in the water. So go ahead, put on your second skin, and go ride the waves! 🌊

We meet at the peak for a crazy session (without kooks)! 😄🤙

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