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Our history

About Zeus

Zeus, born in 2015 on the windswept shores of Brittany, France, is more than just a brand; it's a passionate team and an adventurous family united by a love for surfing. We believe everyone deserves to experience the thrill of riding the waves, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. That's why we design high-quality surfboards that are accessible, fun, and functional for all skill levels.

Find Zeus in the heart of the surfing world:

  • Surf schools: Our boards are trusted by instructors across France and beyond, helping countless beginners catch their first wave.
  • surf shops: Look for Zeus in the best surf shops throughout France and Europe

Join the Zeus family and discover the joy of surfing!

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Boards Built to Ride, Year After Year

Boards Built to Ride, Year After Year

Zeus: Where Surfing Starts, and Never Ends

Zeus isn't just about making waves, it's about making surfing accessible for everyone. That's why our ultra-durable foam boards are trusted by the most demanding riders – surf instructors. Built to withstand the rigors of surf school use, they're perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Start your surfing journey the Zeus way:

  • Proven by Professionals: Our foam boards have earned the respect of surf instructors who rely on them for their durability and performance. If you're starting your surfing adventure in 2024, there's a good chance it will begin on a Zeus board.
  • Unmatched Durability: Designed for heavy use in surf schools, these boards can handle anything you throw at them, from first-time wobbles to powerful maneuvers.
  • Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned surfer, our foam boards offer the stability and confidence you need to progress in the waves.

Beyond France: Zeus is making waves globally, with a presence in Spain, Morocco, and Costa Rica, making unforgettable surfing experiences accessible to more people than ever before.

Join the Zeus community and discover the joy of riding waves!

Join the Zeus community and discover the joy of riding waves!

Zeus an independant surf brand

us is more than a surfboard brand, it's French audacity embodied. As an SME, we're proud to champion innovation and excellence, carrying the torch of French tradition in board sports. Our local approach, with stock conveniently held in the Landes, France, ensures lightning-fast deliveries across Europe.

But we don't just ride the waves, we push their boundaries. As a rising star in the surfing world, we're constantly innovating, leaving our unique mark on the sport. Zeus is living proof that French SMEs can conquer the international stage, staying true to their roots all the while.

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The secrets of Zeus boards

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Tout Comprendre des constructions Zeus

Tout Comprendre des constructions Zeus

Vous rêvez de tout savoir sur la construction de nos planches ? Alors, vous êtes au bon endroit ! Dans cet article, on vous dévoile tous les secrets sur les planches Zeus. Chez Zeus, nous sommes pa...


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