Find the perfect size for your wetsuit

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Do you dream of taming the waves like a pro but find yourself struggling against your wetsuit ? Don't let the wrong size ruin your surf session!

Discover our advice for finding the perfect suit, which will fit your body like a second skin.

Find our complete guide: How to Choose a Wetsuit

The Key Points for Choosing Your Wetsuit:

  1.  🌊 Check size guides , but always try on in store
  2.  🌡️ Take into account the thickness of the neoprene depending on your use
  3.  🤿 Opt for a well- fitting wetsuit , the neoprene will relax over time
  4. 💪 Aim for comfort, warmth and freedom of movement

Neoprene, Your Best Friend... Or Your Worst Nightmare 😱

Imagine: you put on your new wetsuit, eager to conquer the ocean. But instead of feeling invincible, you find yourself stuck, your arms compressed and your legs trembling.

Not exactly the cool surfer look you had in mind, right?

A well-fitting suit is the key to:

  • Smooth, unrestricted movements 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️
  • Optimal thermals (because chattering teeth isn't sexy) 🥶
  • Top performance (we won't stop you! ) 🚀

Beware of the Pitfalls of Wrong Sizes! ⚠️

Did you think a larger wetsuit would be more comfortable? Think again ! Excess neoprene will play tricks on you:

  • Hello unsightly folds and friction 😖
  • Goodbye freedom of movement 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️
  • And goodbye to precious body heat 🥶

A wetsuit that is too big opens the door to inconvenience and poor performance . Believe us, it's best to avoid swimming in your wetsuit!

Conversely, succumbing to a suit that is too small is not a better idea.

Here's what awaits you:

  • Compression worthy of a Victorian corset 😰
  • Mobility worthy of a rusty robot 🤖
  • A tied-up sausage look (unappealing) 🌭

In short, a skimpywetsuit will transform your surf session into a real ordeal. And honestly, who wants to look like a penguin on their board? 🐧

Finding the Perfect Size, the Holy Grail of Surfers 🏆

But then, how to find the rare pearl? Follow our advice:

  1. 📏 Carefully consult your brand’s size guide (yes, everyone has their little quirks)
  2. 📐 Take your measurements accurately (without cheating!)
  3. ✅ Compare them religiously with the recommended ones
  4. 👕 Try different designs to find your soul mate combination

Don't be afraid to spend a little time on it. After all, you and your suit are going to spend long hours stuck together!

The Perfect Fit, the Key to Success 🗝️

Once the ideal size is determined, let's refine the fit . Your suit must:

  • Embrace your curves like a second skin 🤿
  • Offering you optimal freedom of movement 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️
  • Make you feel comfortable and confident 😎

If you feel like you can conquer the world by putting it on, then you've found the right one!

Advice from Clément, Our Combination Expert 🤓

Clément, wanted to share some additional advice with you:

"Keep in mind that sizes may vary from brand to brand. Even though most suits are made at Sheico, the specifications are not always identical. I highly recommend trying on suits in store before to decide.

Another important point, a 3/2 mm wetsuit will be more flexible than a 5/3 mm. Take into account your usage and the conditions in which you will surf.

Finally, keep in mind that neoprene will naturally stretch with time and use. A suit that fits well to start with will last you longer!”

Ready to Find Your Ideal Combination? 🌊

So, follow our advice and take on the waves with style and confidence. The spot had better behave!

Don't forget, a perfectly fitted wetsuit is your best ally for unforgettable surf sessions. So, don't neglect this crucial step and head towards your destiny as an accomplished surfer! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️

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